What We Provide for Retailers?

Intelligent Dashboard & Data Driven Collaboration with CPGs in Real-time.


Real-time Insights

Give your sales and marketing team a customized analysis-ready dashboard that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. Think of it as your Chief of Staff.



Data Driven Collaboration

Retailers & CPGs can collaborate on national and local campaigns, category management and
annual business plans.



Campaign Management

Retailers and CPGs can execute on specific campaigns.  HQs can monitor and track the performances and sales execution with real-time data. 
One look, and you  are ready to take an action.

Digital Coupons

With the 10X platform, personalized coupons build a loyal customer base, help new product introductions, and ensure high redemption rates.


Loyalty & Reward Programs

With the 10X platform, loyalty programs become a hub that attracts consumers pre, during & post shopping experiences and result in increased sales and engagement.