What is Retail 10x?


R10x is a real-time machine learning platform for Retailers & CPGs that recommends and personalizes in-store campaigns and collaboration

Such insights as  basket affinity,  in-store segmentation, digital coupon measurement, product placement and bundling are proven to facilitate collaboration and accelerate return on investment.



R10x insights provide the detailed data needed by retailers to more effectively identify product assortment and high-value cross-merchandising opportunities. as well as design more effective  couponing and loyalty strategies.

Key Benefits of the R10x™ platform:

  • Collaboration & Communication With CPGs
  • Offer/Promo Creation & Distribution 
  • Conversion & Purchase Measurement
  • Real-time Recommendation 

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Using real-time data, CPGs and suppliers can work with our Retail network to target promotions effectively to the right shoppers at the right stores.
Individual items/brands can be evaluated during the campaign and adjustments can be applied same-day.

Key Benefits of the R10x™ platform:

  • Personalized Digital Offer & Content
  • Individual Product Performance 
  • Access To Per Store Sales
  • Trend Based Real-time Sales Measurement 

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