Platform Overview

Our advanced machine learning processes diverse transaction and behavioral data, such as pricing, inventory, promotions, locations, demographics, and social audiences. 

Our ongoing R&D provides a constant feed of new science that's tested and built right into the core product, giving Retailers and CPGs a living, evolving and continually improving platform.


Real-time Insights

In today's competitive landscape, a unified view of data is a critical success factor in ensuring a Retailer and CPG's future growth. 

R10x engine integrates data from retail operations, supplier reports, market trends, and shopper behavior into a single, unified data set available through a web and mobile based collaborative workspace.

Highly focused dashboard enables Retailers and CPGs to monitor these rich and detailed insights and act on it with a few of clicks.

Data Driven Collaboration

Effective collaboration requires that Retailers, CPGs and Suppliers have a shared view of the strategic campaigns. Call it a single version of the truth. 

R10x platform allows Retailers and CPGs to plan, execute and track in-store campaigns and sales promotions more effectively.

With our platform, category and inventory managers as well merchandising experts build and execute promotional strategies designed to increase revenue, unit sales and trade promotion effectiveness.

Prediction And recommendation

R10x intelligent recommendations engine predicts the right content and product to the right people and pushes it at the right time, over the right channels. It is built to engage, attract and retain consumers across all channels including in-store, email, web and mobile in one single interface.

Millions of consumer interactions with thousands of consumer good products can be processed in real time via R10x platform, giving up-to-date recommendations and predictions with every page refresh. 

Targeting and Personalization 

R10x includes product recommendations, relevant content, and smart segmentation, to automate the personalization of marketing campaigns for profitable results.

This comprehensive view and collaboration tools enable Retailers and CPGs to refine marketing strategies and distribute highly personalized content and offers.