R10x is radically speeding up the information flow in the consumer goods industry to make independents more nimble and competitive with major chains and online retailers.

R10x empowers every independent retailer, distributor and manufacturer in the consumer goods industry with an intelligent decision tool that runs on real-time sales data. It generates recommended actions to maximize store-level sales, optimize inventories throughout the supply chain, reduce shrink due to spoilage and respond to fast moving market conditions.

The R10x real-time data platform leverages the latest in AI, machine learning and deep learning technologies to accelerate collaboration. Moreover, R10x’s integrated data rich platform provides consumer goods manufacturers and retailers the capabilities to build, grow and nurture one-on-one relationships with their customers.

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SKU-level real-time demand sensing, forecasting and inventory optimization helps minimize shrink, especially in the fast growing perishables category.

Real-time collaboration with suppliers helps plan and execute in-store promotions, and enables ROI measurement.

Build customer loyalty by connecting with them at home, in the store and post-purchase in a relevant, timely and personalized manner.

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SKU-level real-time demand sensing, forecasting and inventory optimization helps streamline distribution.

Store-level real-time alerts help reduce stockout and replenishment costs.

Real-time collaboration with retailers to plan, execute and measure ROI on in-store promotions.

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Advanced category management tools give immediate and detailed insights into information from the field.

Measure ROI on promotional spend at store, zip code, DMA, regional and national levels.

Design, plan, execute, and measure product campaigns and loyalty programs at store, chain, or regional levels.

R10x Platform


R10 x is a machine-learning based real-time data platform for branded consumer goods companies, distributors and retailers.The platform delivers real-time sales data and recommended actions to increase sales, reduce costs and respond to fast changing market conditions.

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Machine Learning

The R10x platform becomes smarter every time a product is sold, a promotion is run, an inventory level is adjusted, or the weather changes. The platform's decision support quickly improves over time.

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Location Specific

R10x data is location specific and contextualized. All recommendations and alerts are based on factual information from a discrete dataset at the specific location being studied.

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Data Insight

Machine learning algorithms matched with strong data relevance enables important insights into operations, without resorting to heuristics or guessing.

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Complete Data Security and Privacy

With R10x, your data is always safe. Our multi-tenant architecture uses several layers of security and encryption (such as AES-256) to ensure that your data is secure and private at all times. When using R10x to collaborate with channel partners, you are only sharing the data you intend to share with the entity that needs access. Control all your R10x access and privacy settings through a simple interface.

About Retail10x

R10x is a Silicon Valley based startup that has set out to build the most modern integrated real-time data platform for consumer goods manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to compete in this fast moving, data-driven Amazon world.

We have assembled a team with extensive domain expertise in the retail, CPG and distribution industries along with deep technology experience in building highly scalable, secure and open cloud platforms leveraging the latest in AI, machine learning and deep learning technologies. The team consists of professionals who have worked at Apple, Walmart, IBM, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Möet Hennessy, IRI, and SC Johnson. In addition, we are beginning to form key industry partnerships to build, deploy and scale the most advanced platform in the consumer goods industry.

We are already deploying our platform in selected markets and are on our way to capture significant market share. We are setting the stage to bring a transformational change in the way our customers do business and compete in this new retail world.

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