With R10x brand managers get first-time access to fact-based sales management, in individual stores and across the nation.

The consumer goods industry just got a lot more scientific. R10x is the first platform to track your products all the way from your warehouse straight into the consumer’s shopping basket. Track demand based on history and trends as well as seasonality, regional weather, brand campaigns and in-store activities. Run your brand in real-time with R10x.

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Real-time Sales Data by
SKU, Store, or Area

Aggregate demand forecasts over regions and retail chains, review real time sales data and understand trends at the SKU level.Measure sales against brand campaigns and in-store activities, with direct insight into campaign and promotions ROI. R10x enables you to stay in touch with your field operations like you have always wanted: with fact-based ROI on promotions and campaigns, with sales information as granular or general as the your analysis calls for.

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Complete Data Security
and Privacy

Your data is always safe. Our multi-tenant architecture uses several layers of security and encryption (such as AES-256) to ensure that your data is secure and private at all times. When using R10x to collaborate with channel partners, you are only sharing the data you intend to share with the entity that needs access.Control all your R10x access and privacy settings through a simple interface.

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All Your Data in Few
Simple Dashboards

R10x works on a subscription basis. Access to the data require no process changes, no hardware, and nothing more than an OK from your retailers to begin and develop the collaboration. Simply invite your retailers to grow the power of your R10x data gathering network. We are here to help you and your partners get up and running quickly.

Manufacturer Benefits

Use R10x real-time sales data for insights into sales by store, retail chain, DMA, region and department or SKU. Compare sales periods to detect sales trends.

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Use R10x real-time sales data to understand the impact of weather, temperature, events and holidays. The system learns quickly to improve recommended actions.

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Enhance customer experience by informing and engaging them based on their special preferences. Increase the impact of a promotion by using our digital coupons.

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R10x Gets You Up and Running Quickly

The platform uses data that your retail partners have already provided us. When the data is ready to be viewed, you simply sign into the dashboard. You will be able to view granular sales data by retailer, campaign performance, inventory alerts by retailer and UPC, and promotions. It is as simple as that!