Get real time sales data by UPC, across department and across the retail chain.

R10x gives independent retailers powerful real-time decision tools (or platform) to compete in the current "Amazon driven" market.

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Reduce Spoilage by 70%

Use R10x inventory alerts to tighten inventory levels on perishable items. Reduce spoilage by as much as 70%

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Measure Instant ROI

R10x real-time sales data provides instant ROI metrics on promotions and campaigns.

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Sense Demand By Product

The new R10x demand sensing module forecasts demand based on history, weather, local events, and more.

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Real-time Sales Data, by SKU, Store, or Area

Take full control of your retail operation with R10x. You can aggregate demand forecasts at the SKU, store, or chain level, review real-time sales data, understand sales trends, and take timely action. R10x helps you measure sales against promotions and campaigns to get direct insight into the impact and ROI of your initiatives.

R10x enables you to stay in touch with your store operations like never before. With more efficient promotions and campaigns, fine-tuned inventory levels and reduced stockouts, you have the power to continue to serve your customers better every day.

Retailer Benefits

Use R10x real-time sales data for insights into sales by store, retail chain, DMA, region and department or SKU. Compare sales periods to detect sales trends.

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Use R10x real-time sales data to understand the impact of weather, temperature, events and holidays. The system learns quickly to improve recommended actions.

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Use R10x real-time sales data to get inventory alerts. Real time inventory alerts gives you instant understanding of when more product is needed and in what quantities.

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R10x Gets You Up and Running Quickly

The platform uses data that you already have. You start out by sending us the sample files for sales, inventory, items and departments. Upon extraction and validation, you set up an automated process at your end to periodically drop sales and inventory files into a secure folder in our system. When the data is ready to be viewed, you simply sign into the dashboard. You will be able to view granular sales data by store, campaign performance, inventory alerts by UPC, and promotions. It is as simple as that!

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