AI Powered Real-time Collaboration Platform 



about us

What is R10x? 

Retail 10x is an AI powered real-time collaboration platform for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) that delivers, recommended actions at a field level to increase sales, reduce costs and respond to fast-changing market conditions.

R10x has a highly disruptive & scalable cloud-based platform, which can be implemented in a matter of weeks, at a cost significantly lower than the competitors.

Management Team-


R10x team includes experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, executive management, deep engineering and product development expertise coupled with industry experiences from companies like Apple, Walmart, CA Technologies, IRI, NIelsen, Coke, Heineken, Moët Hennessy. 

Members of the management team have successfully scaled companies with international operations in the past, generated billions of dollars in shareholder value.




Our Platform


The Platform

R10x leverages the latest in  AI & Machine Learning technologies, offering Software as a Service (SaaS) actionable insights tied to a clear ROI:

  • A real-time sales performance dashboard with field level alerts.
  • Real-time demand sensing with forecasting and alerts. 

Industry Challanges

Cu$60B & $300B (US & Worldwide) in-store promotional spend - 70% of it does not have a ROI.

Massive shrink problem. In certain categories like perishables up to 30% of products goes to waste. $15B  from fruits & vegetables in US


The Benefits

R10x brings real-time ROI measurement of in-store promotions with actionable recommendations for improvement. 

Machine Learning based forecasting takes into account multiple factors like weather, events, promotions, etc. to optimize inventory & reduce waste. 

Retail 10x platform has been increasing our profits and decreasing our waste for a few quarters now.